Cloudspire Factions

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Cloudspire Factions

Mountain Vagrants are a pesky yet formidable bunch with flexible movement capabilities. They excel at guerrilla warfare and constant harassment, using their agility and unpredictability to strike at vulnerable enemy units. Mechanically complex, they require strategic finesse to deploy optimally, rewarding players who can think on their feet and adapt to changing circumstances.

Horizon’s Wrath is a force to be reckoned with. Their long-range artillery strikes can decimate entire enemy hordes from the safety of a fortified position. Patience is key, as their units require time to set up devastating attacks. However, once they get going, Horizon’s Wrath can be unstoppable.

They say Mistwood Rangers are masters of precision, and I can’t argue with that. With their ability to deal high damage from a distance, they can pick off enemies one by one without ever breaking a sweat. However, they are fragile and need to be protected, as their real strength lies in their firepower.

The Griege is a terrifying sight to behold. This faction believes in overwhelming force and brute strength, which is evident in their massive units. They don’t rely on subtlety or finesse; they simply charge headlong into battle, crushing everything in their path. If you want raw power, the Griege are the faction for you.

Overall, each faction in Cloudspire brings a unique playstyle and strategic challenge to the table. Whether you prefer swift and agile units or massive displays of brute force, there is a faction that will suit your playstyle. So, choose wisely and prepare for battle!

I’m here to tell you about the brawnen, a group of hardworking giants who are always seeking more Source to fuel their endeavors. They have a fascinating backstory, having defeated the dominant predators on their island in the past. This has shaped their martial history and instilled a fierce determination in them. They are known for their unique forsaken units, which are both powerful and unpredictable. These units may lack intelligence, but they make up for it with their extraordinary combat skills.


Once upon a time, the grovetenders were a peaceful and introverted tribe, closely connected to nature and said to be the creation of the Source itself.

However, even though the grovetenders cherished culture,

harmony, and tranquility as their highest ideals, they have been thrust into The Joining War due to multiple attacks on their home island of Yrtel, leaving them with no choice but to engage.

Battling is not their natural inclination, but the grovetenders possess imaginative minds and an incredible ability to fashion formidable creatures from the plants that surround them, making them a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The Descendants

I believe that the heirs think they should control all of Ankar’s islands because they believe it’s their right as the next in line to inherit. The people of their race have a strict caste system, but even the lowest heir sees themselves as superior to anyone else. They may not be as strong as their opponents, but they make up for it with intense training and fast attack strategies.

The heirs also take advantage of their ability to fly. They have elite flying squads that spread fear from above. This gives them an edge in battle.




I am a member of the narora. We believe that our purpose in life is to control the Source. Even before we became joined with it, other nations saw us as strange because of our intense devotion.

While the grovetenders have great respect for the Source and understand its power, we narora go a step further. We worship it, immerse ourselves in it, and even consume it. Our ultimate goal is to merge with the Source completely. This deep connection with the energy of the Source is what gives us our unique appearance – a gentle glow that matches the purest pools of Essence.

For us, controlling the Source is not just about our own ascension. We believe that other races are misusing the energy, and we intend to guide them towards a more “pure” consumption of the Source. This is why we seek to claim control over the islands – to ensure that everyone understands and respects the true power of the Source.

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