Champions of Midgard Glossary Lexicon

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Champions of Midgard Glossary

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Champions of Midgard! This glossary will help you navigate the game and understand its key concepts.

1. Viking Warriors

In Champions of Midgard, you take on the role of a Viking leader, leading a group of warriors on epic adventures. As your warriors battle fearsome monsters and face challenging quests, you’ll need to make strategic decisions to ensure their success.

2. Valhalla

Valhalla is a realm in Norse mythology where fallen warriors go to feast and fight until the end of the world. In the game, Valhalla is represented by a track that keeps count of the warriors lost in battle. These fallen warriors can earn you glory points and bonus abilities, so don’t underestimate their importance!

3. Rune Stones

Rune stones are powerful artifacts that grant you special abilities. They can be acquired through various actions like defeating monsters or completing quests. Each rune stone bestows a unique power, so choose wisely when deciding which ones to use.

4. Market

The market is where you can acquire useful items and resources to aid you in your adventures. It’s important to visit the market regularly to stock up on supplies and equip your warriors for battle.

5. Monster Cards

Monsters are the main adversaries you’ll face in Champions of Midgard. Each monster card has its own unique abilities and challenges. Defeating monsters rewards you with glory points and valuable resources.

6. Quests

Quests are special challenges that require your Vikings to complete specific tasks. Completing quests successfully can earn you glory points and valuable rewards. Be sure to strategize and choose the right warriors for each quest.

7. Glory Points

Glory points determine your standing and success in Champions of Midgard. You earn glory points by defeating monsters, completing quests, and making strategic decisions throughout the game. The player with the most glory points at the end of the game is declared the winner.

Now that you have a better understanding of the key terms in Champions of Midgard, get ready to embark on an epic Viking adventure!

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Kraken – Let’s talk about the Kraken, a formidable creature you’ll have to face in combat. Defeating the Kraken is no easy task, but it’s definitely worth it, because you’ll earn 3 glory points! And if you’re lucky enough to survive the battle, you’ll get to continue on your epic journey to fight other monsters.

Lost – Sometimes, you may find yourself in a tough spot where you have to make difficult choices. When you encounter the “Lost” event, you’ll have to part with 2 items of your choice. You can either choose to lose 2 food, 2 Viking warriors, or 1 of each. It’s a hard decision to make, but remember, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

No Wind – Ever been stuck in a situation where there’s no wind to fill your sails? Well, in this game, that can happen too. When the “No Wind” event occurs, you’ll lose 1 unit of food. It’s frustrating, I know, but don’t worry, there’s always a way to overcome these challenges.

Storm – Brace yourself for a storm! When you encounter the “Storm” event, you have to choose between losing 1 unit of food or 1 Viking warrior. It’s a tough call, as both options have their consequences. Just remember to trust your instincts and make the best decision for your crew.

Whirlpool – Whirlpools can be very dangerous, and you’ll need to be careful when you come across one. When you encounter the “Whirlpool” event, you’ll lose 1 Viking warrior. It’s a sad loss, but sometimes sacrifices are necessary to survive.

II. Viking Leaders

Asmundr the Pious – Let me introduce you to Asmundr the Pious, a powerful Viking leader who wants nothing more than to be chosen by Odin himself. Asmundr’s special ability is his ability to use his Favor Tokens for free. This means that no matter how he chooses to spend them, he’ll always gain 2 glory points. It’s a remarkable skill that sets Asmundr apart from the rest.

In my adventures, I’ve come across some fascinating items that can greatly impact my journey. One such item is the Favor token. These tokens have a special power that can help me achieve my destiny or make things more challenging for others. It’s crucial, though, that I use them wisely and sparingly.

Let me tell you about another remarkable character I’ve encountered. Her name is Dagrun, and she possesses the gift of a sage. Despite her focus on combat training, she has managed to retain some of her sage abilities. This unique combination gives her an advantage when she visits the Sage’s House location.

When Dagrun places a worker on the Sage’s House, she gains the ability to draw an extra Destiny Card. This allows her to have more freedom in choosing her destinies. The Destiny Card she decides not to select goes back to the bottom of the deck, ensuring she has a variety of choices.

But there’s more to Dagrun’s powers. If she has the True Vision Rune Card, her abilities are further enhanced. With this card in hand, Dagrun is able to draw four Destiny Cards instead of just one. However, she still needs to choose only one of them to keep. It truly amplifies her decision-making process.

Gylfir the Seaworthy – I’m kind of a mix between a merchant and a warrior. I hang out down at the docks a lot, where I’ve made connections. When I go to the Merchant Ship location, I always manage to find some warriors who are ready to fight alongside me, and some merchants who are willing to give me extra supplies.

Whenever I send one of my workers to the Merchant Ship location, I get whatever is on the card without having to pay any coins like the other leaders have to.

Svanhildr the Swordmaiden – I have a special skill with swords, even though other Viking Leaders think they’re not as good as axes or spears. But let me tell you, in my hands, a sword can be just as deadly as either of them.

When I roll a Swordsman die and get a result of 1 hit, it means Svanhildr will do 2 damage. If I roll a result of 2 hits, she’ll do 3 damage. This is helpful when hunting because she gets extra Food, but she can’t have more than 6 in the Hunting Grounds space. There’s only so much deer in the forest, after all!

Let’s talk about Ullr the Berserker. Ullr knows how to fight without fear because he was trained as a berserker. And he teaches his Warriors the same, so they can fight for the Glory of their clan!

During any round of combat, if one or more of my Warrior Dice shows a result of 2 hits, Ullr gains 1 Glory. I can score this Glory immediately on the track, no matter what happens in the battle.

III. Rune Cards

The Rune Cards are single use and have the “flip to activate” symbol. I can activate them whenever I want.

Gifts – When I want to gather resources, I can choose any combination of Wood, Food, and/or Coins, and collect 4 of them from the general supply.

Glory – If I manage to defeat an enemy like a Troll, Draugr, Kraken, or Monster, I can use Glory. It gives me 50% more Glory for defeating that specific enemy. For example, if I defeat a Monster worth 13 Glory, I will gain an additional 6 Glory.

Healing – If I want to avoid suffering losses in a single round of combat, I can use Healing. It negates the losses I would have suffered. However, if the combat continues, I will have to face all future losses in full.
Journey – When I reveal a Journey Card, I have the option to discard it without facing any consequences. Instead, I can reveal the next Journey Card in the deck and apply its results, even if they are worse than the previous card.
Knowledge – By using Knowledge, I can view all the face-down Journey Cards placed on the board. However, I cannot look at the Journey Cards that are still in the deck. Potential – When I roll the dice for hunting or combat, I can use this ability. If any dice show a blank result, I get to roll them again and use the new result instead. Reaction – This ability is useful after rolling the dice for hunting or combat. It allows me to count shield results as single hits. They still work as shields too. If I have a swordsman dice, I can count it as a 2-hit result for Svanhildr. Success – If I have a Destiny Card in my possession, I can use this ability. I reveal the card and score it immediately. I get to keep the card and score it again at the end of the game. True Vision – This ability is used when I activate the Sage’s House. I can draw two additional Destiny Cards. I get to keep one of them and put the others back at the bottom of the deck. Wealth – With this ability, I can double the number of Coins I currently have. But I can’t have more than 5 Coins using this ability.

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