Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness

By: Dennis B. B. Taylor

Discover the Extra Rules for Mansions of Madness

Hey there! Are you a fan of the thrilling board game Mansions of Madness? If so, you’re in luck! I’ve got some additional rules that will take your gameplay to a whole new level. Get ready for more excitement, more suspense, and more fun!

1. The Mystery Deepens

Picture this: You’re exploring a haunted mansion, searching for clues to unravel a dark mystery. With the additional rules, you’ll encounter even more unexpected twists and turns along the way. From hidden passages to secret traps, you’ll never know what awaits you around the next corner.

2. Challenging Puzzles

Prepare to put your thinking cap on! The extra rules introduce challenging puzzles that you must solve to progress in the game. Whether it’s deciphering cryptic codes or solving intricate riddles, these brain-teasers will keep you on your toes and add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

3. Danger Lurks Everywhere

Watch out! The additional rules bring new dangers to the table. From menacing creatures to sinister traps, the mansion is more treacherous than ever before. You’ll need to stay alert and make quick decisions to survive. Can you face these perils and come out victorious?

4. Expanded Character Options

The extra rules also offer expanded character options. With new abilities, skills, and items at your disposal, you’ll have more ways to customize your investigator and optimize your strategy. Whether you prefer a stealthy approach or a brute-force style, there’s a character option that suits your playstyle.

5. Enhanced Cooperative Gameplay

Mansions of Madness is all about teamwork, and the additional rules take cooperative gameplay to new heights. You’ll find new ways to collaborate with your fellow investigators, combining your unique abilities to overcome challenges and triumph over evil. Together, you’ll forge unforgettable gaming memories!

So there you have it – the additional rules that will elevate your Mansions of Madness experience. With these exciting additions, the game becomes an even more immersive and thrilling adventure. Are you ready to dive into the unknown? Gather your friends, grab your investigator’s gear, and step into the haunted mansion – the mysteries await!

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

In this section, let’s talk about some more rules that we haven’t covered yet. We’ll discuss skill tests, cards, features, monsters, and puzzles.

Damage & Horror

There are many game effects that can cause investigators like me to suffer Damage or Horror. When we face one of these effects, we have to draw the top card from the Damage or Horror deck, depending on which one the effect targets. We claim the card, meaning we take it and put it face-up in front of us, unless the effect says something else.

Each Damage or Horror card has one of two traits: Resolve Immediately or Keep Faceup. A card with the Resolve Immediately trait means that I have to do whatever it says right away. Usually, this means flipping the card face-down. On the other hand, a card with the Keep Faceup trait has a lasting effect that lasts as long as the card is still face-up in front of me.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess


When I’ve taken damage and it totals to my maximum health, I become Wounded.

Being Wounded comes with a Wounded Condition, and I have to discard any facedown damage that I have. But here’s the catch – I can only move once each round when I’m Wounded.

If I’m unlucky enough to accumulate damage equal to my health while Wounded, I’m out of the game.


If I’ve experienced enough horror that equals my sanity, I become Insane.

And once I’ve become Insane, I gain an Insane Condition, and I have to discard any facedown Horror cards. I get to read what’s at the back of my Insane Condition card, but I can’t show it to anyone else.

When you have an Insane Condition, things can get pretty wild. It can change how you win or lose the game. You might find yourself wanting to do things you wouldn’t normally do. If you want to learn more about these unusual actions, check out the “Rarely Used Actions” section in the Rules Reference at the back of the book.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When I delve into the world of Insane Conditions, I notice something interesting. Each condition requires a specific number of investigators; you can find this number on the back of the card, in the bottom-right corner. If an investigator acquires an Insane Condition but there are not enough investigators to meet the requirement, they must discard the card and receive a different Insane Condition instead.

Here is something else I discovered: if an investigator who is already insane encounters enough horror to match their sanity, they are eliminated from the game. It’s a tough break for them.


When an investigator gets eliminated, they lose all their belongings right where they are and remove their investigator figure from the board. The remaining investigators get one more chance to investigate before everything wraps up.

When we reach the end of the investigator phase, if we haven’t finished our investigation, we lose the game. Don’t worry though, if that happens, you can simply select the “Investigator Eliminated” option from the in-game menu, and the game will come to an end.

Let’s Put Our Skills to the Test

A skill test is a challenge that we, as investigators, must face. It could be a physical, mental, or social challenge. You’ll know it’s a skill test when you see a skill icon in parentheses after a short story. Whenever we come across an effect that has a skill icon in the text, we have to immediately test that skill.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

To complete a test, I roll a certain number of dice that corresponds to my skill level in the specified skill. The number of successful rolls that I get is called the test result. Sometimes, the test declaration may include a modifier like “-1,” which means I have to roll more or fewer dice for the skill test. I always roll at least one die for each test.

After rolling the dice during a test, I have the option to spend a Clue to change one of my investigation results (Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess) into a success result (Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess). I can do this multiple times, as long as I spend a Clue for each Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess that I convert. I determine my final test result after resolving all the conversions.

Protecting Yourself from Harm

I want to talk about something that’s really important – staying safe and avoiding harm. It’s something we all need to think about, especially in today’s world. With so many dangers out there, it’s crucial to understand how we can protect ourselves.

Let’s think about the potential risks we face every day. Whether we’re walking on the street or browsing the internet, we’re constantly exposed to the possibility of harm. It’s like walking through a minefield without knowing where the bombs are hidden.

So, how can we navigate this dangerous territory? One of the key things you need to prioritize is your personal safety. This means being aware of your surroundings and taking steps to minimize risks. It’s like developing your own superhero powers, but instead of fighting bad guys, you’re defending yourself against potential harm.

To do this, it’s important to trust your instincts. Our bodies have an amazing built-in system that helps us detect and respond to danger. It’s like having a protective shield that alerts us when something doesn’t feel right. So, listen to that little voice inside you. If you have a gut feeling that something is off, don’t ignore it – take action to protect yourself.

Additionally, it’s crucial to be cautious when it comes to the people we interact with. Not everyone has good intentions, and we need to be aware of that. It’s like being a detective, carefully evaluating the people we meet. Pay attention to their words and actions, and if something seems suspicious, it’s okay to keep your distance.

Now, let’s talk about the online world. The internet is an amazing tool that can open up a world of opportunities, but it also comes with risks. We need to be extra careful while surfing the web. It’s like exploring a mysterious jungle – there might be hidden dangers lurking behind every click.

When using the internet, it’s crucial to be mindful of the information we share. Just like we wouldn’t give our personal details to a stranger on the street, we need to think twice about sharing personal information online. It’s like protecting a secret treasure, keeping it safe from thieves.

Moreover, we need to be vigilant about the websites we visit and the links we click on. It’s like wearing armor to protect us from potential malware or scams. Stick to trusted websites and be skeptical of anything that seems too good to be true.

In conclusion, safeguarding ourselves from harm requires us to be proactive and vigilant. It’s like playing a game of chess, where we need to think several moves ahead to outsmart our opponents. We can’t eliminate all risks, but by being aware of our surroundings, trusting our instincts, and being cautious online, we can greatly reduce the chances of falling victim to harm. So, stay safe and keep protecting yourself!

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When I’m investigating, sometimes things happen that cause me to get hurt or scared. But there are times when I can use my skills to try and prevent some or all of that damage or horror. To do that, I have to take a skill test. I roll some dice and try to get enough successes to cancel out the damage or horror.

The Difficulty of Skill Tests

Some skill tests have a difficulty level marked in parentheses, separated from the skill icon by a semicolon. This tells me how many successes I need to pass the test. If I don’t roll enough successes, I fail the test.

Skills Tests in the App

When I’m using the app, there are some skill tests where I have to enter my test result. To do that, I just use the “+” and “-” buttons to input my result.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When it comes to passing a test, I don’t know how many successful results are needed. But here’s the thing – even if I fail the test, the app remembers how many times I’ve rolled the dice before. So, when I try again, I won’t need as many successful rolls to pass.

Message Log

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When I’m playing the game, every single message that pops up on the app is stored in the message log. You can access the message log anytime by selecting “Message Log” from the menu in the game.

The message log is organized by round, so you can go back and read any messages that appeared during the game.


Monsters in the game are weird and mysterious creatures, as well as the people who worship them, like cultists.

Monster Token

Each monster token has some important information about the monster. I’ll explain what that information means.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

1 Awareness: When I’m trying to escape from a group of monsters, I have to pay attention to how aware they are. It’s like they have eyes on the back of their heads!

2 Horror Rating: When I’m feeling scared and have to face multiple monsters at once, their horror rating tells me just how terrifying they can be. It’s like trying to conquer my fears all at once!

3 Brawn: Monsters can be really strong, and their brawn shows just how physically powerful they are. It’s like they’re big, muscular giants!

4 Abilities & Flavor Text: Sometimes monsters have special abilities that make them even more dangerous. Their flavor text also gives me a peek into their personality and behavior. It’s like getting a glimpse into their twisted minds!

ID Tokens

ID tokens are like name tags for monsters. They help me tell them apart, especially if there are multiple monsters of the same type. It’s like giving each monster its own unique identity!

When a monster appears, the app might show you one of six ID tokens. You need to find the right token and put it on the monster’s base.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When a monster is on the board, it keeps its ID token. This means it stays in play until something happens to it.

Now let’s talk about how to get away from these monsters. If you’re in a space with a monster and you want to leave or do something other than attack or move, you have to try to get away from the monster first. But if there’s more than one monster in your space, just focus on the one that’s the most aware.

To get away from a monster, you choose the monster in your space from the monster drawer. Then you hit the “Evade” button and follow what the app tells you to do.

Once you’ve successfully evaded the monster, you can continue with your action as normal, unless the effect says you can’t.

If I decide not to take an action, I simply give up that action and don’t complete any part of it. For example, if I choose not to move, I lose any remaining movement and stay in the same space.


Common Items and Unique Items are the different objects I come across during my investigations. When I find an item, I take the card and place it faceup so everyone can see the art on the front.

Some Items have a special back to them. I can read the back of an item at any time if I want to.


Spells are like books or scrolls that hold the knowledge needed to use mysterious powers. When I gain a Spell, I randomly choose one and place it faceup so everyone can see the art on the front. I’m not allowed to see the back of a Spell until something happens that makes it flip over.

Whenever I cast a Spell, I have to flip the card and immediately resolve the effect on the back. This usually means discarding the card and getting a new copy of the Spell.


Conditions are intangible status effects that change what I can do as an investigator. Sometimes, an effect will give me a Condition. For example, if I “become Stunned,” I gain the Stunned Condition.


Features are special objects or environmental effects that I can interact with, or they can affect how I interact with my surroundings. All features are square tokens. I don’t need the app to interact with a feature.


Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When I use a Barricade, it helps me stop monsters from coming through a door. I can do this by moving the Barricade to block the door or by moving it away from the door it’s blocking. It’s a simple action, but it can make a big difference in keeping monsters at bay.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Did you know that investigators and monsters can’t go through locked doors? It’s a pretty important rule to remember. However, monsters have the power to smash barricades that are in their way. If a monster tries to move through a locked door, it has to roll some dice depending on its strength. If it gets two or more successful rolls (), then the barricade gets destroyed and the monster can continue moving. But if the monster doesn’t roll enough successes, it’s stuck and can’t make any progress.

The Mysterious Darkness

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When it’s dark, I have a harder time solving problems and puzzles. If I’m in a dark place, I can’t use my clues to help me figure out the answers or take extra steps to solve a puzzle.

But if I’m near a light source or a fire, I don’t have to worry about the darkness. The light cancels out its effects.

Speaking of fire, it’s a powerful tool. It brings light and warmth, and it can be a great help in dark situations. But it can also be dangerous if not handled properly. It’s a sort of double-edged sword.

So, when you’re faced with darkness, remember that it can hinder your abilities. And if you want to overcome its effects, you’ll need to find a light source or fire to elevate your chances of success.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Fire is a dangerous element in the game. When I venture into a space with Fire, it can harm me. If I perform an action in a space with Fire, I’ll also get hurt. It’s important to be cautious.

Monsters are not immune to Fire either. If a monster begins its turn in a space with Fire or moves into a space with Fire, it will take damage as well. Fire is a double-edged sword for all of us.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

When I’m in the middle of a mystery, sometimes I have to act fast to save the day. That’s when my agility comes into play. I can test my skills by trying to put out the flames. For every success I roll, I can get rid of a Fire token from my space or a space I move into later.

But the flames won’t just give up. At the start of each mythos phase, they spread. If there’s already fire in a space, I’ll have to be prepared for it to jump to a nearby space. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, and I have to stay one step ahead to keep the fire at bay.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Secret Passages

If you’re an investigator or a monster and you find yourself in a space with a Secret Passage, you have a special advantage. You can move to any other space with a Secret Passage as if those spaces were right beside each other.


Every now and then, you might come across something that presents a puzzle. A puzzle is like a complicated challenge that you have to solve. It could be a test of your logic, magic, or even your physical skills. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about solving puzzles on your own. There’s an app that helps you through the whole process.

Puzzle Steps

A puzzle step means making progress towards solving the puzzle. The type of puzzle you’re working on will determine what kind of puzzle steps you can take. The app will guide you and give you all the information you need to solve the puzzle.

When I encounter an effect that tells me to attempt a puzzle, I need to follow a certain number of puzzle steps. The number of steps I need to take is equal to my skill level in the indicated skill.

While I’m attempting the puzzle, I have the option to spend some of my Clues. For each Clue I spend, I can perform an additional puzzle step.

If I finish all of my allotted puzzle steps and the puzzle still isn’t solved, I can press the “Close” button. This will save my progress so that I or another investigator can come back to the puzzle later.

Solving A Puzzle

Once a puzzle is solved, the app will recognize it automatically. The investigator who solved the puzzle will then continue with their next action according to the app’s instructions.

Slide Puzzle

Ever heard of a slide puzzle? It’s a cool type of puzzle where you try to put together a picture that’s been broken up into smaller pieces. Basically, you have a grid and the pieces get all mixed up.

Here’s the thing. As I’m solving the puzzle, I can move any two pieces that are right next to each other. So if I want, I can drag one piece on top of another. It gives me a lot of freedom to figure things out.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

So here’s the thing – puzzles are like these challenging games where you put together different pieces to create a complete picture. The goal is to make sure that every single piece is in the right spot so that the entire picture comes together just right. It’s a bit like solving a mystery because you have to figure out how all the pieces fit together.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Puzzling Over Codes

Ever tried cracking a code? It’s like solving a puzzle. You’re given a code made up of numbers or symbols, and you have to figure out what it means. Let me tell you about a special kind of code puzzle.

In this puzzle, you’re given a code made of three or more pieces. These pieces can be numbers or mysterious ancient symbols called runes. At the top of the screen, you’ll see all the different pieces that can be used to make the code. The tricky part is that each piece can be used as many times as you like. It’s up to you to put all the pieces together and crack the code!

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

So here’s the deal: when it comes to solving a puzzle, you’re gonna need some strategy. Lucky for you, I’ve got a few tips up my sleeve. First things first, you’re gonna wanna drag one piece into each guess bracket. It’s as simple as that (1). Once you’ve made your guess, go ahead and hit that “Guess” button (2).

Now, here’s where things get interesting. After you submit your guess, you’ll get some feedback. The app is gonna let you know how you did (3). It’s gonna mark any wrong guesses with the number of success results Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess, and give you some investigation results too Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess.

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Do you know how to solve a lock puzzle? Let me explain it to you! In a lock puzzle, there is a grid with different pieces, and your goal is to arrange them in such a way that you can remove a special piece from the grid. Sounds tricky, right?

To solve the puzzle, you need to guess which piece goes where. If you guess right, you’ll see a symbol that indicates a correct piece in the correct position. But if you guess a piece correctly, but it’s in the wrong spot, you’ll see a different symbol that tells you it’s the right piece but in the wrong place.

The challenge is to keep guessing until you find the correct code. Once you make the correct guess, congratulations! You’ve solved the lock puzzle!

But wait, what exactly is a lock puzzle?

A lock puzzle is a type of puzzle where you have a grid with pieces that you need to maneuver. The goal is to arrange the pieces in a way that you can remove a special piece from the grid. This special piece looks different from the others, so you’ll know when you have it.

As part of the puzzle, you can move any piece by dragging it. But there are some rules you need to follow. You can only move a piece vertically or horizontally in the direction it’s facing. Also, no two pieces can be in the same grid space, and you can’t move a piece through other pieces. It requires some thinking and planning to figure out the right moves!

So, are you ready to give it a try? It’s a challenging but fun puzzle that will test your problem-solving skills. Good luck!

Additional Rules for Mansions of Madness UltraFoodMess

Have you ever tried to solve a puzzle? It’s like putting together all the pieces of a picture to figure out what it is. Well, I have a puzzle for you today. And if you like puzzles, then you’ll love this one. It’s called the Grid Puzzle.

The Grid Puzzle is a special kind of puzzle. It’s not made of cardboard or jigsaw pieces. Instead, it’s a virtual puzzle that you solve on a computer. The goal is simple: you need to move the “goal piece” to the far right side of the grid.

But how do you do that? Well, the grid is made up of different pieces, just like a jigsaw puzzle. But unlike a jigsaw puzzle, you can only move the pieces in specific ways. You can’t rotate them or flip them around. You can only slide them up, down, left, or right. And there’s one more catch – you can only move a piece if there’s an empty space next to it.

So, to solve the Grid Puzzle, you need to think strategically. You have to plan your moves in advance, considering which pieces you need to move and in what order. It’s like a game of chess, where you have to think several steps ahead.

But don’t worry if you get stuck. Sometimes, solving the Grid Puzzle can be tricky. You might have to back up and try a different approach. Just remember, the key is to keep trying and learn from your mistakes.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge of the Grid Puzzle? It’s a fun way to test your problem-solving skills and keep your brain sharp. Give it a try and see if you can solve the puzzle. Good luck!

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